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Shirley, Jen and new Scooter!

Shirley is our baby rescue chicken, she is a lovely chicken but having been in that cage for so long does not know how to walk. She is so much better now but literally still finding her feet and her place with the other chicks, she will be ok, maybe a bit spoilt to start with but the poor thing needs a bit of TLC, not a problem here at the Guesthouse and to other chicken lovers but I wish people really understood the cruelty of battery farming. More so now than ever I think, but people still need to understand that these poor creatures do not know how to walk!!!

We have also acquired a motorised scooter, for use of our guests (and occasionally your hosts!) and available for a small fee of £10 per day to cover the cost of maintenance and recharging. So why not visit today and scooter yourself down to town!

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