Trip Advisor

The Guest House is extremely proud to be awarded a Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence reflecting our consistently high ratings.

Another TripAdvisor award

In 2018 we received another Certificate of Excellence award from TripAdvisor for quality of service to our guests. This means so much to us, as it’s a reflection that we are making our guests happy! Thanks to everyone who has left a review on TripAdvisor for us.


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Fresh Produce

Four more ‘babies’ joined our flock on 24 February, meaning that 2013 should see an abundance of freshly laid, free range eggs to serve to guests AND to be made available for purchase. Jenny’s marmalade has proved so popular that we are now selling it. Maybe we should market it as ‘The Guest House Garden . . . → Read More: Fresh Produce

200+ Excellent Reviews

We love getting feedback from our guests, and looking at the ratings on Trip Advisor, it seems like our guests love us too! Over 200 people have rated us as Excellent (5 stars). That’s amazing for a small establishment like ours, and it makes us feel so proud and satisfied to know we’re making our . . . → Read More: 200+ Excellent Reviews

New Chickens

Whilst The Queen is still undoubtedly the dominant force in the chicken hierarchy out back, the arrival of several new birds (Spot, Marlene, Donna, Blitzen and Owlie) has led to serious jostling for position in the lower reaches of the established pecking order. Hopefully before long, the feathers will stop flying and each will find . . . → Read More: New Chickens

Aviary Update

As regulars will know, Kevin is a bird fancier extraordinaire, and the aviaries are in fine fettle, with an abundance of baby finches, doves, quail, etc. The quail eggs, in season, are served with our smoked salmon and scrambled eggs.

Raspberry Jam / Marmalade

The weather has led to the season being quiet to date, so Kevin and I are using the time to make homemade raspberry jam and marmalade (available for sale to guests). Kevin is totally sick of peeling pith but the boy has to be kept busy!!!

Eggs for sale

Kev, in his wisdom has just bought another 4 chickens, The Four Tops, we are already inundated with chicken and duck eggs so we can now offer them to guests at a reduced price of £1.50 per half dozen, they can even see the little buggers laying them!!! Only, of course, when available. We also . . . → Read More: Eggs for sale

New Duck Photos

Here are some new photos for you all to see…

Owlie, our new chick, making friends with Big Boy

Snowdrop, Kev's new duck, his birthday present, fabulous eggs!!

THE QUEEN, surveying her Domain and subjects

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New Duck Pond

Kevin’s idea of incubating duck eggs and the subsequent necessity for a much larger duck pond has proved to be a very expensive exercise. Mind you, as long as Kevin and his ducks are happy and we have a plentiful supply of eggs, does it matter?

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Abergavenny Food Festival 2012

Well, we are somewhat surprised and delighted that we are already booked up for the food festival in 2012, and the 2011 festival has not even finished yet!

All the guests for 2012 are people who stayed with us this year, which is a great endorsement of our humble abode! So, apologies if you’ve come . . . → Read More: Abergavenny Food Festival 2012